Visual Arts

Lost Hope:


Topic chosen: child immigration

The title of the piece represents how children have migrated with their families in hope of a better life, but in the end have not always been able to achieve this. Sometimes they are not even able to reach their destination and die trying, or when they do they are met with discrimination and hate.

Through this ready-made piece, we wanted to represent the plight of child immigrants, and how they are stripped from their innocence due to the situation they are in. It is a teddy bear who has been stuck on a fence post, barbed wire still around its neck and torso. Teddy bears are a well-known symbol for childhood, as many children have and cherish these. The fact that this toy is seemingly impaled and that the piece of cloth that may have once been a bow now looks like blood represents the death of innocence and childhood when trying to cross borders between countries (represented by fence in the image). With this we show our belief that the children that have to immigrate due to conflict in their home countries are innocent and helpless towards the situation, and in the end can be greatly damaged not only physically but emotionally as well.

The original image of the teddy bear on the fence post came from the debris of the 2013 tornado in El Reno, Oklahoma, but we believe it is very fitting for what we are trying to portray. Furthermore, we feel it is still related as it represents the damage caused to a child who probably lost their home, like many child immigrants also have.

Image source: FEMA, (2013). Debris from El Reno Tornado. [image] Available at: [Accessed 27 Jan. 2017].


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